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It’s been a long time, a VERY long time since I last posted. I had abandoned this blog like I tend to do with a lot of my projects. I’ll get in over my head and instead of standing tall … Continue reading

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Changes to this Blog

Concerning my previous post, I’ve decide that I’m not going to be splitting the blog or narrowing my focus (at least for now).  I’ve come up with another idea to bring a little continuity to my blog. Each month I’ll … Continue reading

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Retooling This Blog

When I started this blog, I kind of just jumped into it first without doing any research. As I’ve been going along I’ve been doing a little research here and there to make my blog more interesting and enjoyable. There … Continue reading

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Skull and Crossbone Lace

I’ve had this skull and crossbone lace pattern bookmarked for a long time, but have kept putting it off. I finally knit up a little sampler while I was sick. I love this adorable pattern, and can’t stop thinking of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Drawing

Yesterday I did a drawing for my Valentine in my Moleskine. It’s a sketch colored with colored pencils and adorned with collage.

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Rolling Bunting Stamp and DIY “Ink” Pad Tutorial

As I’ve already mentioned, I just love bunting. It’s something festive and nostalgic that just fills me with happiness each time I see it. There’s countless bunting tutorials online made from fabric, paper, yarn and even ice. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Twisted Fabric Flowers

I’ve been drooling over all the cute fabric flowers that are cropping up everywhere. Such a small touch makes a big statement to any outfit. I keep being drawn to the look of the twisted fabric flowers. They’re feminine but … Continue reading

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A Tea Wallet Sure to Warm Up Your Winter

It’s been awhile since I last posted. I’m sorry for the long delay. It’s been hectic and exciting around here. From the big snowstorm that unleashed it’s furry on the city, and practically shut down the city afterwords, to the … Continue reading

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“back-to-basics” vs. technology

Lately, I’ve been finding myself reflecting on the disparity between my desire for a “back-to-basics” sort of  lifestyle and the opposite desire for the newest, fastest most state-of-the-art technology that comes out. My crafts often reflect that “back-to the basics” … Continue reading

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Creative Every Day Challenge

I just signed up to participate in the Creative Every Day Challenge. It’s quite an undertaking but I’m excited to join in. It’s basically challenging you to do something creative every day, whether that’s drawing, crafting, cooking, singing, photography or … Continue reading

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