I live in Wisconsin where I share my home with two neurotic cats and a laid-back pug. I’m surrounded by a creative community that continually inspires me. I’ve enjoyed creating anything and everything for as long as I can remember. I recall when I was a little girl rummaging through the scraps of fabric left over from my grandma’s quilts, mesmerized by the all the different beautiful colors, patterns and textures. I’d piece them together for the sheer joy of it, with no outcome in mind. My aspiration to become a self-proclaimed “jack-of-all-crafts” keeps me continually exploring new mediums and crafts.¬† I easily jump from knitting to embroidery to drawing and everything in between. I love art and I love crafting but my passion is merging the two, to blur the boundaries making it harder to differentiate between the two. This blog is in reverence to the acts of creation and creativity.


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