Art Project from Dyed Coffee Filters

I promised on my last post, Using Leftover Egg Dye to Make Colorful Bunting, that I was going to show you another project you can make with dyed coffee filters. With this project you can make a simple art piece.

You’ll need:

-16″x20″ canvas

-dyed coffee filters (you can see how to dye the coffee filters with egg dye on my previous post)

-Modge Podge


Start by laying out the coffee filters on the canvas in an arrangement that you like. I made sure to use enough coffee filters so none of the canvas would be exposed.

Take one coffee filter at a time and paint Modge Podge on one side.

Then place the coffee filter where you would like it to go on the canvas.

Flip the canvas and fold the coffee filter around the edges.

Continue gluing all your coffee filters.

Once you have all the filters glued down, paint the entire surface of the canvas with a layer of Modge Podge to seal and protect your creation. Let the Modge Podge dry, and you’re done! Such a quick, and easy art project to enliven your home.

You can leave the art just like this, or you can use it as an interesting background to paint an image over. I think silhouettes of any sort look really good with this.


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5 Responses to Art Project from Dyed Coffee Filters

  1. Jess says:

    WHoa….this is really neat. I think I am actually gonna try and tackle this project.

  2. Carrie says:

    My boys and I would love to do this! Nice project Sis!

    • Thank you! It seems like this would be a good project for all of you to do. I might just make egg dying a year around tradition, instead of only doing it at Easter time.

  3. Jackie Paulson says:

    How cool, I might try this one. It’s fun for when kids visit us too…so exciting.

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