Some Stitching and Drawings

I wanted to share the artwork I’ve created in my moleskine this week. The first piece is one of my favorites. It’s quite an appropriate combination of art and craft that I love so much.

This one is entitled “Kunsthandwerk” which means arts and crafts in German. This past fall, I had found some books being thrown away that I couldn’t resist rescuing. Amongst the books, was a German course translation book. I had no practical use for this and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I made up my mind that I’d use some of the pages in art projects because it’s fascinating subject matter. I found these perfect pages that include art and craft course translations. I first crumpled up the paper and dyed it in coffee to give it an aged look. I then glued these pages into my moleskine. The piece is a combination of fabric, colored pencils, markers, pens, and stitching on this paper.


This is the backside of one of the pages. I like how this looks just on its own.


I did this piece after I had yet another dream where I encountered a tornado. It’s a collage from magazine paper and an ink drawing.

This drawing was inspired after I had just walked to work in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an umbrella like this drawing has. It’s been snowing the past couple of days, so instead I’d happily take that rain again.

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