Kitchen Accessories: Tutorials and favorite Etsy finds

I don’t have any of my own crafts to share today. It’s so easy for me to procrastinate! But even better, I rounded up some amazing links to kitchen craft tutorials as well as some homemade kitchen items you can purchase. I’m going to start with the beautiful, kitchen creations you can purchase to get your creativity flowing and to inspire you. And if you see anything you like, you should definitely buy it from these talented crafters.

Squid Linen Tea Towel by SquidInkKollective (I love squids, so I am infatuated with this dishtowel. This is added to my purchase wish list for my next paycheck)

Lime and Gray Wool Felt Coasters by fuzzylogicfelt

Fox on a Bike Cork Trivet by darkcycleclothing

2 hand printed bike pint glasses orange bicycle by vital

Wire Bird Tablecloth by studio35

Diana Camera Potholders set of 2 by happyfamily

Vintage Map Coasters North Carolina by JonathonWayneDesign

Do you want some unique, homemade kitchen items, but don’t have enough money to buy all of them? Well, you can just make some of your own! Some links I discovered for kitchen craft tutorials:

How to Make Tree Limb Coasters

What rustic yet elegant coasters you can easily make yourself (as long as you have a power saw, if you did this with a hand sew I don’t think it would be easy at all). I know what I’m going to do the next time I visit my parents, take advantage of my dad’s miter saw! This how-to was offered by ModHomeEcTeacher on Curbly.

Map Coasters

Did you love those map coasters, but prefer to make your own? Kelly Wilkinson offers a map coaster tutorial, along with some other neat projects, in her “Do-it-yourself craft projects as holiday gifts” article.

DIY Felt Coasters

You could also make these felt coasters featured on Design*Sponge by Derek&Lauren.

Alright, enough coasters.

Embroidered Mitered Napkins

This mitered napkin tutorial is another from Design*Sponge, but this one is by Brett Bara. This is a nice, basic tutorial that you could personalize however you choose.

Wool Felt Pot Holders

Brett Bara on Design*Sponge is on a roll, with this being another tutorial from her.

Patchwork Kitchen Mat

This patchwork kitchen mat tutorial is from SewMamaSew. Be warned about venturing around this site, it will suck you in for hours with all the great tutorials and fabrics for sale.

How-To Tab top Kitchen Towels

This how-to is from the always enjoyable, Craft: site. As much as I miss receiving their publication in the mail, I still check out what’s new on their blog everyday.

I wanted to give a big thumbs-up to all the etsy sellers I featured and also a very big thanks to all of those that shared their tutorials.

Bring some homemade touches into your own kitchen.

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2 Responses to Kitchen Accessories: Tutorials and favorite Etsy finds

  1. GREAT ideas! Can’t wait to make coasters as host/hostess gifts and even for myself.

  2. Wow, great kitchen accessory really it’s amazing, especially I love those map coasters with different colors. Thanks for lovely kitchen accessory.

    Henckels Knife

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