Delicious Food

I’m not very good at meeting deadlines. I was supposed to have a craft project to share with you today, but I’m empty handed. I had started a project last week that I had in mind to share today, but I didn’t get it finished in time. Instead of finishing it last night, I chose to cook a feast. Considering this month’s theme, that seems appropriate. It was a delicious meal consisting of baked macaroni and cheese, oven baked salmon, sauteed mustard greens and lemon bars. I’m definitely on a streak of running into problems. I tried to take pictures of the food, but my camera decided not to work.  I took some pictures with my phone, but they didn’t turn out very well because it was too dark.

It's a terrible picture, but that food was truly delicious!

I’ll share the recipes I used to cook this meal in case you’re interested in making any of them.

I found the macaroni and cheese recipe here, it’s from America’s Test Kitchen which is my favorite!

I found the simple salmon recipe from the Food Network.

And I found the sauteed mustard greens at Simply Recipes.

For the lemon bars, I was lazy, I used a box of Krusteaz lemon bar mix to make them. I’ve had good luck with Krusteaz brand products in the past and these were no different.

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