Birds of a Feather: Feather Stencil

Recently I’ve been admiring feathers. They’re so delicate and I enjoy its silhouette. I wanted to incorporate a feather design into some craft projects. I looked at a few pictures of feathers and drew an outline that I was satisfied with. I then copied that design on to some sticker paper I’ve had left over from another project, and cut it out. I used the positive stencil of the feather on a bird plate for a friend and the negative stencil for a shirt. I’ve had this red shirt of swallows appliqued on it from Delia*s for years that I wanted to give a new look. I thought the feather design would be perfect for this!

I opted to do a little ink splattering to give it a bit of an edgy look.

For the plate, I used porcelain paint. Originally, I just painted in the stencil with the orange porcelain paint, but I noticed when I took off the sticker paper that the feather didn’t stand out as much as I wanted. So I took a small paintbrush and some blue porcelain paint to do some detail work that would make it stand out more.

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