Spring Tease

A couple of weeks ago, we had some warm days (at least warm for Wisconsin winters). I went out to take some pictures and enjoy this much needed break from frigid temperatures and snow. I believe we’re supposed to have some more warm days this week, which is good news. It makes me so excited for spring and summer. I can’t wait! I thought I’d share some of the pictures.

I brought my pug, Loki, with to enjoy the weather.

It was a very windy day.

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2 Responses to Spring Tease

  1. Stacy says:

    I love the pics…I can’t believe the snow was gone. We haven’t seen the ground for 6 months! Loki is the cutest! I will gladly take him if you don’t like him anymore. Okay, wishful thinking…I know!

    • I can’t believe the snow was gone for that short time either. Of course it didn’t last long and now the ground is once again coated in snow, but it was cheerful to get a hint of spring. Too bad dogs aren’t allowed on the greyhound or else I’d bring her with when I finally visit.

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