Let There Be Light! Knit Curtain Tie Back

I love my blackout curtains. I live in an older house that comes with the common problems of being poorly insulated and having old, drafty windows. I can’t imagine why heat retention wasn’t one of the big goals in the construction of homes in the north. Winter only lasts about half of the year here. By now I’m used to living in drafty homes, and try to combat the heat loss as much as I can. I put plastic over the windows every fall, but I can still feel cold air streaming in. That’s when I bring out the big guns, blackout curtains. It’s like putting a big blanket over the window, but more attractive. They help keep that arctic chill from entering the room. They also have the added benefit of making your house a dark cave for days you’d rather hibernate. Therein lies the problem; I don’t always want to feel like the sun is gone (actually, most days I want sunlight streaming in).

My knack for putting things off, has left me either in darkness, or acting out some parody of infomercials’  exaggerated problems . Finally, I’ve had enough. I’m making knit curtain tie backs to solve this problem. I’ve already finished the bedroom’s curtains so I thought I’d share them. I came up with a simple knit pattern that features cables and buttonholes.

Here it is in action, allowing sunlight in.

I held two strands of yarn together to achieve this look. I sewed them directly onto the curtains to prevent needing to drill holes, which landlords usually frown upon. I’m a bit disappointed that the cables aren’t as pronounced as I had hoped but I’ll try to fix that with my next curtain tie backs.

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4 Responses to Let There Be Light! Knit Curtain Tie Back

  1. jamie says:

    this is a great idea! i am about to make curtains for two windows, now i can coordinate a tieback.

  2. Jess says:

    I love these!!!

  3. Jane parren says:

    They look fab, maybe just what I’m looking for. Any chance of pattern?

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