Even Sickness Won’t Stop Me from Creating

I’m sorry that I kind of disappeared for a while. I’ve been really sick for the past few days and wasn’t able to muster up enough energy to post. However, I’ve not been completely unproductive. I began working on an idea I had for fabric place mats (which entails using cassette tape as a design element and freezer paper stenciling). I also completed one knit curtain tie-back, and now just have to make a few more for the other curtains in the house. I’ve done a couple new art pieces in my moleskine. The kitchen has also been seeing more of me recently as I prepared some delicious meals throughout the week. I’ve been attempting to cook homemade meals more often. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking, I just find that I get wrapped up in so many other projects that meals will often take a backseat (not that I don’t love food!). It’s been fun exploring new recipes, and I’m gaining confidence in my cooking abilities. I’m still basically, a “follow-the-recipe” sorta gal but I hope with practice I’ll become more comfortable winging it.

Anyways, for now I thought I’d share some of the art I’ve done. Hopefully soon I’ll also share the knit curtain tie backs and the placemats.

The title of this is Waldeinsamkeit, which is German for the feeling of being alone in the woods


A close up of the girl from waldeinsamkeit

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