For the Love of Moleskines!

There’s something so appealing about Moleskine journals. They’re the Apple of journals. Moleskines are trendy yet classic. They’ve been used by such famous people like Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway.  I’ve seen some truly inspiring things people have done with their Moleskines; from the sketches and art done inside, to the covers and hacks. I’ve lusted for one for a long time, but for some reason I remained stubborn, refusing to fork over the dough. Perhaps this is because I become so nervous about writing in any sketchbook or journal because I’m paranoid my creations won’t be good enough for them. It seems especially problematic to conquer this fear with the Moleskine. Only the best seems worthy of its greatness. I couldn’t possibly live up to that. I’ve chosen to shrug this fear off, and I recently purchased my first Moleskine. I’m ecstatic that I’ve finally taken that leap and excited to see what I fill its pages with.

I did face some initial hesitation in putting my pen to the page, but I finally bit the bullet and drew a picture. Enthused with the outcome, I took it further by coloring that picture and then I did some collaging on other pages.

(I apologize for the poor image quality. My scanner isn’t working at the moment, so I was forced to take a picture of the images instead)

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