Cabin Fever

It’s getting to be that time of the year when the winter starts taking its toll on me. I’m not a big fan of winter in the first place, which is silly considering I live in Wisconsin. I dream of moving places where their winter is short and mild, or better yet, to a place where there is no winter at all. But so far, I’ve found myself sticking around the area for some reason or another.  Don’t get me wrong, winter is not all bad; the beauty and freshness everything is given after a coating of newly fallen snow, the sheer pleasure of that warm cup of coffee or tea after being out in the cold, getting to wear cowls all the time that I love so much, or the simple enjoyment of the coziness that you feel getting bundled up under some blankets when you’re at home can really be nice. I just find that after a few months I no longer find as much pleasure in what winter offers anymore. I’m tired of being cold, the snow just keeps piling up and looks more dirty with each day, I miss the sun I see so little of during these winter months, and that cozy home I was previously enjoying is now beginning to feel more like a prison. I want to see things growing, to be surrounded with greens and the plethora of other colors that summer offers, not just the greys of winter.

I know I can’t do anything to make winter end any sooner so instead of just getting depressed about something I can’t change, I should focus on things I can do to bring some of that summer cheeriness into my life. One of the things I could do is bring some plants into the home. Maybe things can’t grow outside now, but nothing’s stopping me from growing things inside (except maybe my two naughty kitties who apparently have an inability to just leave things alone, especially something as tempting as plants). I’ll just have to use some creativity to thwart their destructive urges to bring some plants into the home. It might also help if I surround myself with colors that remind me of summer, rich emerald greens, buttery yellows, the vivid reds of poppies. It would be hard to be so dreary when I see these vibrant colors around me. Anyways, I came across some inspiring links to bring a touch of summer into the home. Both links come from radmegan in words & pictures blog. She presents some very beautiful and imaginative ways to bring some greenery into the home.

This Indoor Tabletop Water Garden is too perfect! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with water gardens, but being a renter doesn’t offer me much hope of having my own. This idea of making a small water garden for inside the home is an excellent solution to this problem. Even just looking at this picture cures some of my winter blues, I can’t imagine what it could do if I actually had one of my own.

And then there’s her Miniature Gardens: Tillandsia Terrariums which is another clever way of bringing a piece of the outdoors inside. They’re nice and small so I can envision all the places I could showcase these. It’s also encouraging to hear that these are low-maintenance, since I don’t exactly have a green thumb. I’m so glad I came across radmegan’s creations, I just love these creative plant ideas. I can’t wait to start bringing them into my own home and cure these winter blues.

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2 Responses to Cabin Fever

  1. Mary says:

    That top picture is so awesome! Is that an effect on the new camera?!!?

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