I thought I’d share some of my drawings today. They’re nothing special, just some sketches I’ve done. I had hoped to get a lot of craft projects done this weekend but this cold weather has just made me very drowsy and unmotivated.

Cartoon Girl

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5 Responses to Drawings

  1. jamie says:

    i love love that b/w page-filled one! i used to do drawings like that, filling the whole page up. it was so much fun, i was thinking i should start that method again, to get me drawing again. thanks for the reminder!

    • You should start doing that again! When you do one, you should share the picture! I like doing those because it keeps you committed to keep drawing. Like, I will feel done and can’t think of anymore ideas for what I want to draw, but I see those bare spaces on the page and can’t just leave them so I’ll push myself to put SOMEthing there. I’ve found myself coming up with creative ideas when I push past those mind blocks. I also haven’t done one of these drawings in awhile now. So it’s time to get busy and make some more!

      • jamie says:

        blank pages are a huge issue with me. when i took the writing workshop from lynda barry, she taught us amazing methods to combat creative block, and one of them was removing the intimidating nature of a blank page.

  2. Sloane says:

    Good idea with the big page. I am trying to do a little drawing every day myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Dave says:

    I love the black and white full page one, too. That’s the kind of drawing you come back to months later and find awesome little sections that spark off ideas for their own drawings. Also loved that tree coming out of the palm.

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