A fun way to add beauty to your winter.

I came across this great winter project at Two Chicks and a Hen. I love bunting in all its forms but this outdoor ice bunting is such a creative idea! It’s a wonderful way to bring some color and whimsy into what otherwise seems like a colorless, bleak season. It would sure lift my mood coming home to this on my porch. I’m definitely going to make my own ice bunting this weekend. You can find the tutorial here. I’ll just have to find enough containers first (if nothing else, I’ll raid the recycling bin for aluminum cans). This project offers so many possibilities; freeze a wide array of things inside, colors, not colored, different shapes and sizes, the sky’s the limit. I don’t typically like winter, so I’m glad to be given a project that makes this cold, snowy season more enjoyable.

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One Response to A fun way to add beauty to your winter.

  1. jamie says:

    ice bunting, woah!! good timing with the temps this weekend.

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