Wallet made from fused plastic bags

The front cover of the wallet.

The inside of the wallet.

I made this wallet awhile ago out of the plastic bags newspapers are delivered in. It’s a great way to recycle plastic bags into something useful. I hope to get a tutorial on how to make this wallet up soon. I just have to wait until I collect enough bags. I promise I’ll have better pictures next time.

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2 Responses to Wallet made from fused plastic bags

  1. jamie says:

    the wallet looks great, i’ve only seen the duct tape ones. i’ve seen knitting and crocheting with plastic bags, but this is the first wallet. i would like to hold it and see how it feels in my hand! the quilt header is insanely gorgeous.

    • I like the feel of it and it has the added benefit of being waterproof! They aren’t indestructible but when I used it continually it lasted quite awhile (comparable to a duct tape wallet but not as sturdy as a leather wallet).

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